Thursday, February 5, 2009

Attention all Bloggers! Slurp your Blog!

I have talked about it before, but I am so excited about a new feature of the site BLURB.... You can now get a printed book that contains all the words and photos from your blog! At first I thought it would be all about the copy and paste and edit and drag photos times 100 pages (labour intensive) but when I clicked on the "make a blog book" prompt, it asked me where my blog was (blogger) and what my account name was... and it asked if it was OK to "slurp" the whole blog into the book???!!! Slurp! what a great word. And that's just what it did. It took about 3 minutes and ALL of my blog was laid out on the pages of the book, with all the photos neatly lined up along the edges..... (mouth hanging open right now).
So I spent about one hour, respacing the photos and prettying up the details, and choosing a cover design and writing the intro page.... and my 140 page book that contains the whole year (2008) of entries is ready to upload and print.... (mouth still open).
I will order a copy of the book and show you in a couple of weeks.... looks so cool.
Meanwhile, the small book of paintings arrived and it's sweet...
some of the pages:

Also a photo of the front of the new pullover in Baby Color.... cabled ribbing on the lower half and fat ribbing on the upper... should have a hugging shape even after blocking.

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