Tuesday, March 24, 2009

new golf season, new wood hoods!

The golf course opened last thursday, so I broke out the fun fur, felting wool and stretchy cotton, to make this years' version of the Wood Hoods. This one I am knitting the top and sock separately as I am not sure how the cotton stretch yarn from the sock part will handle hot water felting. I will felt the fuzzy tops and then sew them to the sock part, the whole thing can then be washed in cool water if and when needed....
Here are the parts done so far. Black Lion Brand fun fur, Lion Brand felting wool for the balance of the top and Esprit, cotton stretch from Elann for the stretchy sock (held double). The pattern is found HERE, just bind off loosely after the last increase row of the sock tube, and cast on the total stitches of the fuzzy part (with both black yarns held together) and continue from there to end. Wash the tops in hot water as instructed until solid and shrunken, then sew with large SHARP darning needle to attach to the cast off edge of sock - stretch this sock edge to match the larger opening of the fuzzy hood.

I had a lovely email from a gal who has made lots of these;

Hi Chris! I promised I would send pictures of my finished golf club covers. I finished them yesterday and LOVE them! I used Paton's Classic Wool (wedgewood, rosewood, and forest multi) and fun fur for the pink, green, and blue covers, and Lion Wool Prints (Majestic mountain) with Cello fur for the purple/brown multi covers. I used Lion brand Vanna's Choice acrylic for the socks. I bought 1-1/2" iron-on numbers in gold, then purchased felt to match the socks. After cutting circles from the felt, I ironed on the numbers, then stitched them on using beads and crystals to hide the stitches. Oh yes, it took two hot wash cycles and about 30 minutes in a hot dryer to felt the hoods really well - but they are really tough and strong now. Thank you again for the great pattern! My next project is a scarf (pattern from Lion Wool website), then I'm going to make your fun fur vest! I may have to play around with the size on that - I usually take a small. Should be a fun project! It is still cool here - but I actually played 9 holes on St. Patrick's Day - we had a rare warm day! Won't be long until golf season is in full swing! Take care ~ Yvonne

Thanks Yvonne! Her photos are here in the slide show to the right-----)

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Anonymous said...

I came upon this site searching for something else months ago. I saw these club covers and immediately wanted to make them. They would help me learn how to:
1. Knit in the round, using 4 needles.
2. Use Fun Fur...it is always fun to use different kinds of fabric.
3. Felt...I always wanted to make something to felt...

This is a great "skills project"
My first one came out great and was given to my sister for Christmas (minus the club size number) with the promise to make more for her.

Great project to learn lots of skills.