Sunday, March 29, 2009

Surprise Guests in the Bathroom

Yesterday was so nice, we had a full 18 holes of golf. It was great to play on our course, a full 2 weeks early, and the course was in good shape (although a no-frills day, no water, no washrooms, no tow rope to climb the hill) and I shot a nice 89. Today, it is rainy and cold, so we both settled into some household chores... I was baking bread and cleaning the kitchen when I heard the tub upstairs being filled... It was mid-day, not the usual time for a soak in the tub. Investigating further, I found Rick starting a big clean of the 100 gallon fish tank. This only happens every 3 - 4 years. Usually he drains to 6 inches and refills without taking the fish out, but the tank was in a bad state and needed to be completely drained. The fish can no longer survive in a bucket for an hour or two, so he set up our tub like this...

with conditioned water and air supply!

I bet there are not many folks who have full size piranha in their whirlpool tubs...!?!?

Here is the latest sweater done and blocked and ready to wear. Pattern to follow in a day or two. It is a good way to use up several colours of the same yarn (or at least the same knit gauge). Any worsted weight that knits to gauge should work.

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