Friday, March 6, 2009

Next Pattern, Coming Soon

I am THIS close (fingers held up half inch apart) to being done the next sweater patter, and although it seems only days since I posted the last one, I was knitting this at the same time as the chunky colinette, and took the first sleeve to Florida with me. The new one is on 3.5 mm needles (very fine) so lots more stitches and takes a bit more time. But what I hope to get is a lighter fitted pullover that can be worn inside. The honeycomb rib-cables are on the lower half only which should give a snug fit through the torso, and a bit more relaxed at the bust (I hope). Of course the whole thing will relax a bit after blocking and not look so bumpy-ribby (just made that term up, can you tell?) I have a mock turtle neckline on it, but may change that at the eleventh hour. Stay tuned....
meanwhile, the bathroom should have the finishing touches in place this weekend and I should be able to post photos here by Sunday evening! I love the results, and that's it for renovations for now, since I have a bit of spring cleaning, and should be done that by the time our golf course opens (around April 1st). After that my time is full with work, golf and knitting, and major chores will have to wait until next November!

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