Monday, May 18, 2009

Knit and Sew and Alter...

A busy long weekend, and I have really sunk my teeth into some projects. The first, a lovely summer purse, made with heavy micro suede in cream, accented with copper woven fabric. The lining is the same copper fabric and the hardware pewter (buttons and handle rings). The pattern is Simplicity 3828, image B of sorts, with buttons instead of tabs and the lining was inserted then a binding added to top edge that incorporated a zipper band (not in the pattern). Just like knitting, I often alter patterns to suit my own design whims.

The second is the Vogue Knitting lace cardigan (cover of Summer 2009 issue) and I have finished about half of the outer circle! I have blocked the medalion in preparation of measuring the length of the outer circle to fit exactly.

The last was a pair of pants, altered... the pants were only worn once, the waist too high for my taste and the leg REALLY skinny... I just don't have the shoes to compliment that look. In a stroke of brilliance, and with the warmer weather inspiring, I decided to cut off the skinny bottoms and make a capri length, and also cut off the waistband, and use the fabric from the bottom of the leg, to make a new band to finish the newer lower waist. After attaching the band (like a bias strip) and adding the button again, and hemming the new leg length, the pants are a perfect fit, and will be worn to the office with cute sandals and a crisp white short sleeve blouse. I love to find new purpose for misfit items.


Linda said...

Your bag is lovely. I need to get back to sewing again. I've got a vision of a purse I want but can't find anything like it in the stores. Guess I need to make my own.

chris said...

I go through spurts with the sewing, and I really love this bag. The suede feels really nice, and I used a stiff fusible interfacing, so it really holds the shape! It cost about $12 for the suede and hardware! Good deal!