Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I thought I could take some time to tell you about some books. The first two are fibre art delights!
1000 Artisan Textiles shows photos and credits the artist, of 1000 garments, accessories, quilts and art pieces, made of felt, weaving, quilting and mixed textiles. The whole book is so inspirational and beautiful, it makes any crafty person drool. There is no instruction, just photos and credits, and I have only flipped quickly through it so far. I expect I will be able to find websites from many artists and look at even more pieces on the web! A perfect way to while away a winter afternoon. The second is Felting Fashion, by Lizzie Houghton. This one has beautiful felted and nuno-felted garments and accessories with some basic instructions and wonderful photos. This lady is a talented artist and will inspire everyone. The third book is a personal gift.... a memoir of my father's life. He took the time to think and write and re-write and edit and created a lovely book that follows his life through his eyes, from childhood to present time. This is extraordinary because most people do not sit down the compile these thoughts into one place, much less be willing to share it with others. It opens up a truly personal story and allows me to see the man (not just the Dad). This sort of book is not terribly overwhelming to produce. Software and computers make self-publishing fairly easy (I have done so with my blog and with my travel books). The challenge is to gather the thoughts and stories and present them in a fluid, entertaining way.

Thanks, Dad!

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