Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finished Photos

Several projects are done and photo-worthy!

The first is the cashmere ruffled scarf from Paris. After translating from french, I managed to really enjoy knitting the tri-coloured ruffle ended scarf. I added a couple of colour blocks to the midde of the long part and made the scarf as long as it could be using ALL the yarn in the kit.... it is now long enough to wrap around the neck once and have the ruffles lie nicely under the chin.
The second is the felted scarf from our Nuno-felting afternoon at Susan's house. I added a bit of needle felted embelishment in multi-grey tones, and it is very long and can be wrapped several times around the neck or hang long to the knee. Very soft, very lightweight and very warm.
Notice the sparkly mesh fabric that is the base of the scarf, peaking through holes in the felt!

The third is an attempt to create "texting gloves". I will not be posting a pattern, as I used a published one.... but you can make these using any glove pattern, and binding off the thumb and first finger at the first knuckle! Lots of glove patterns are at knitting pattern central.
This yarn is Noro Silk Garden, a thick yarn for gloves, but cute and warm. It would work even better in sock yarn and finer needles!
They work!

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