Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Birds and Fish

I have finished the green sweater and will post the pattern shortly, but for now you can have a sneak peak at the first photo.... I have been busy with sewing, but took a couple of hours to wet felt a novelty purse. It started with a drawing of a fish shape, then I laid bubble wrap over the drawing. I could see the outline through the wrap, and first laid down the contrast design for the outside of the fish, then laid three layers of pink merino fiber. I then sprayed it with soapy water.

After placing a fish shaped resist of bubble wrap over the wet fiber, I laid three more layers for the other side of the purse, wrapping the back side overhang onto the front side.

I finished with the same contrast details on this side of the fish, then more soapy water.

I covered the whole thing in bubble wrap and plastic, and rolled it with a pool noodle for about one hour (changing directions after each 15 minute session).

After the body was well felted (solid), I cut an opening from the back of the head to the start of the tail. I then could remove the bubble wrap resist. Before shrinking in hot water, I placed some pebbles under the body (three near the tail and one under each eye) and tied string around to hold in place. This makes a cool bubble bulge in the finished fabric that is permanent. The eye ones will make the eyes bulge (just like a lot of fish).

Hot water and cold water baths alternated about 6 times, shrink the fishy down to a thick solid felt. While this dried, I made a handle out of pink and blue roving, hot soapy water and rolling until firm. I also made blue fins with hand rubbing wet felting.

When all was dry, the handles were sewn on, and the fins placed and sewn. A pink zipper was sewn in the opening. I put eye buttons on the bobble eye spots. Cute.

And speaking of cute, meet the newest resident of our house. This is a Parrotlet. She is three months old, and loves to sit on fingers and shoulders and run up arms. She is almost as small as a finch, but behaves like a bigger parrot. Such fun...

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