Saturday, April 16, 2011

Odds and Ends

I have been knitting boring stuff... socks and those squares for the coat. And I felt a bit lost again with the direction of my knitting. I usually have three or more projects in the queue, and can't wait to jump in (after meticulously finishing each and every project on the go currently?? -ha). This time nothing. I am tired of cold and rain and also tired of merino and other wools. I mostly don't like summer knits, they are too bulky even in a short sleeve, and I have endless shawls. So what to do?

I saw a cute shrug (not knitted) on TV, and thought it may be the answer to summer knitting, not too long on the back, open in the front, slight hint at sleeves, and can be worn over cute tank tops. So I sketched, and I swatched, and I cast on yesterday. Stay tuned, this could be nice.

Meanwhile I found this photo of an art exhibit by Ben Cuevas

I stared in amazement. A knitted skeleton. Nice job.

Check out how he used finer yarn and smaller needles for the small details like the teeth! Awesome!


Charlene said...

You could always take up reading, then you'd have half read books near every chair, like I do! SMILE

PP said...

This looks like the kind of mascot required in our "bike shop"....arrrr matey!