Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hand spun, hand knit, hand felt

I have been spinning with the drop spindle, and have some loose yarn, and some small squares of stocking stitch that will be felted into the newest fabric for a new jacket.

Here are some of the small square pieces (10 stitches by 12 rows, with the ends left on - not sewn in)...

Here is the dry layout for the nuno felt fabric. Silk gauze weight in a tiny flower print is used for the backing, and layered on top is green batting, and indigo merino, and strips of silk gauze fabric, and the knitted squares and strands of hand spun yarn (in periwinkle). Seems very thick but once it is wet and rolled it will be a thin wool layer meshed into the silk. (I hope).

Here is the wet fabric after about 1.5 hour of rolling, then 20 minutes of hot - cold wash to shrink and wrinkle. Some of the knitted squares have lifted a bit at the edges, and I hope I will be able to needle felt them back in after it's dry. If not, I will sew them in place.

Here is a close up of a couple of squares that adhered really well.

This 2 yard piece will be enough to cut the back and one front. I need to do one more 2 yard piece to cut the second front and 2 sleeves.

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