Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick Idea Pad Cover!

Really fast pattern! Knit with chunky Wool Ease Thick & Quick. This fits my 7 inch Lenovo idea-pad. (7" by 5") .....
Uses less than one ball of chunky yarn. Knit on 6mm needles (bit smaller than recommended on the ball band, but we want a tight stretchy cover!)
Cast on 12 sts. Knit every row until 7.5 inches. Cast off all stitches loosely.
Repeat above for other side.
Sew three edges together, leaving only the cast OFF edges open. Done.
Sorry this one's blurry, but you get the idea (pad).


cheri said...

Chris, I was wondering if you could do this with double knitting instead of separate sides?

chris said...

Should work, I have never tried that. you could also knit in the round on five double point chunky needles! Love the thinking "outside the blog"! Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

You could also knit 15" in length and fold it in half. That way
You only have two seams to sew up