Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chunky Bead and Medallion Necklace

I had a few emails asking about the necklace in this photo. The necklace is one of my designs, and is very easy to make and the beads are easy and inexpensive to get! The package of beads come from Walmart (yes, they have a great bead department), and all you need is the package of handmade aluminum beads with medallion, and complimenting glass or wooden beads. The small beads I chose for this one are metallic and irregular in shape and grey, black, and pearly in colour, and the aluminum chunky beads and medallion are grey metal, although you can get them in a copper colour too.

The photos show the stringing order, start in the center of beading wire, build outwards with three small beads in between the chunky ones until used up, then small only until length desired. The one in the photo is 15 inches total. Then mount the fastening claw and ring and pinch the crimping ring to secure. (packages usually have instructions) I use a package of fine Tigertail wire with crimp beads, that will make 2 or 3 necklaces, and always have some claws and rings in my beading stash.

And with the leftover beads, you can make earrings! You need hooks, pins and pliers.

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