Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where did these come from?

By now you may wonder how I have put up so many patterns so quickly. No I am not creating them that fast, but I have been making patterns for my yarn for a while and have been documenting the projects on ***paper***. Yes, I know how antiquated that sounds, but it is true. I have been journalling my knitting for the last 3 years, and I have used these notes to put to print most of the last entries. Here are photos of the journals and some samples of the entries (excuse the handwriting, at the time I only thought I would read them). One is the page where I had notes for the Chunky-Fur Zippered Vest. Note the patons pattern at the bottom left. I made that for my sister.

The other is one of the pages for the Tagliateli Cardigan. I often took photos of works in progress, you will see a lot of my light grey carpet!
There are still more to come from the old journals, and I have 2 new projects on the go, to post patterns soon. One is a lacey mohair triangle shawl, and the other a warmer, silk wrap with cables.
Thank you for all the nice emails and comments, they are incredibly inspiring.

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