Thursday, February 14, 2008

Noro Silk Garden Mitered Pullover

One of my favourite sweaters in recent years has been this Noro Silk Garden, made from a free pattern I found on the net. It looks complicated, but you work one square at a time and 4 squares , plus a neck addition, makes the front. The back is the same, then the sleeves are knit straight. What a surprise mix of colours with the Noro yarn. I get comments everywhere I where it.

My Knitting Group: the StCG&CC Knitters, often pool our talents to make afghans for charites. They end up on auction tables and have raised as much as $300 for charity. A couple of years ago we made one out of scraps from our stashes. We had lots of 2 main colours of worsted weight blues, a denim, and aqua. An we used lots of other colours, and made squares by holding one main colour with one odd ball colour. The result is many squares of many colours, but the underlying tone is the main colour, so it all flows together. We had a few squares left over after the bed size blanket was made, and I have just taken them out of stash to finish into a crib size blanket that will be a baby gift for our friend, Lori, at the club, who is expecting her first baby.

StashBusting Blanket - Pattern.

Any combo of worsted weight yarns!

Holding 2 yarns together, and using 6 mm needles, Cast on 30 sts. Work in seed stitch (K1, P1, across. Next row K the purls and P the knits. Repeat this last row) until 8 inches (square) is done, bind off.

Joining: Crochet an edge in black (or contrasting colour) around every square. Crochet together each square in a horizontal row, then all the vertical row. I finished with one row around the whole outside, then sew in all the ends. *the seed stitch will make it the same front and back, but other textured stitches can be used, or even stocking stitch, but you will have a front and back.*

Done at 10:30pm!

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