Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Dying this Weekend

Quiet weekends call for yarn dying. I had some balls of Cashsoft Baby DK, from Rowan, and it is a yarn I LOVE in a colour I HATE. It was a sort of pinky beige, neither rose or tan, but kind of yuck. Of course the price was amazing and on the website it looked like a rose, but in person, meh. So I finally skeined the 7 balls on the swift and dyed the lot a wine and denim colour, and this is what it looks like now. I like it now, and will have to decide what to knit with it....

Here also is the photo of the sock yarn from last week, in the dried state.

Our Golf Club Knitters are reviewing some books (fiction) about knitting. There is the Knitting Circle, the Friday Night Knitting Club and Knitting under the influence. I will keep you posted as to how many needles up or down they are rated!

I have also joined the HUGE community of Ravelry, and enjoying the groups, reading what everyone else is knitting and the photos of all the wonderful finished projects. What a great site.

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