Monday, April 14, 2008

Yarn In the Mail :)

I ordered in some lovely new SILK. It is a house yarn from Ram Wools, called Tweed Seta and is 100% silk. The ball band says 50gm is 93m, but the web site states 153m, and I think that is more accurate. I will find out as I knit how far it goes. Here is a photo of the bag of yummy silkiness, and a quick swatch with stocking stitch and seed stitch. (Just playing around to see how it feels and knits and drapes) I did it on 4 mm needles, as the 5mm suggested looked too large for this yarn.

So some may wonder what the first step to designing a new sweater may be. The swatch gives me the idea of how the yarn will feel. Will it be stiff (hold a tailored structure or cable well) or soft and drapey (better for slouchy sweatshirt style designs). This one seems more the latter... so I start with that idea, then sketch the pattern, then choose the fit (snug, loose, baggy). This one will be a loose fit, and using the gauge, and the measurements (here's where the mathematician in me shows up) calculate the number of stitches to make the measurements happen. Then I cast on and work it up, checking as I go, and sometimes changing my mind on the details. Stay tuned!

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