Saturday, May 17, 2008

Long weekend-day one....

I worked this morning, not typical of a long weekend, but we missed two saturdays in April, due to the Maui trip and our Saturday Patients were piling up, so there we were this morning - very busy. This usually leads to our noon-thirty tee time at the golf club, but it was windy and cold and drizzly with rain, so home we came. Bad for my golf game, but good for my kitchen floor and bathrooms as they were woefully overdue for a cleaning. The household chores are strained when golf season picks up. After the cleaning I got down to the photos of Maui, and worked a marathon four hours, and completed the whole book! I like to do the album as soon as I can after a trip. The details fade with time and I can document more easily while it is fresh. I should take a picture of the mess I make while doing the albums... Paper and trimmings and stickers and photos spread ALL over my dining room table. I often lose the scissors under the mess. Still, I love it and the results, so hubby learns to ignore the mess and trust that EVENTUALLY I will clear it up.
More photos to share: This flower was on our Lanai (patio).

The bird of paradise was growing by a pool. It took my breath away, so perfect and natural. The flowers in Maui were always catching my eye (and my Canon power shot!)

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