Monday, June 7, 2010

Humidity Lifted and Alpaca Inspiration

I swatched the fine alpaca and found the feel just fabulous! I felt it needed to be a cardigan, maybe short sleeved, maybe with a cool detailed hemline, and then easy, breezy stocking stitch for the body.... raglan sleeve? Knit on Circulars to keep the seaming down. This idea was gaining ground over the weekend while I was golfing and making curtains. (see other blog---over on the right)
I did the math, and set the gauge, and worked out the number of stitches, and picked the simple lace pattern for the hemline. I am using the book Knitting on the Edge (Nicky Epstein), Berry Cluster II with beads on page 133. This is a great book. I have used it for cable patterns, edgings, ribbings and general inspiration. You can knit as suggested on the edge or repeat a pattern over the whole garment. Very versatile.
Photos will follow when I have enough to look awesome!
(the blanket is also almost done, so photos for that too soon)


Anonymous said...

Just a question. Can I use 80 cotton/20 merino wool wt 3.5 oz 5 stitches /inch needle size 6 to make "the best sock pattern ever"?
I am very unfamiliar with what yarn to use for any project.

chris said...

It is good to learn how to substitute yarns... but in this case, sock yarn is very specific. You need stretchy - durability. Most are wool or cotton-wool with a poly content for durability. The sock pattern really needs to be a much finer yarn, on size 3 needles. 5 sts per inch would make socks that are 12 inches around... too big for any leg! Although I did not post a gauge for this one, you could ask your yarn shop for "sock yarn" and it would work.
ope that helps! Chris