Sunday, June 27, 2010

Motivation Returning...

I have started a couple of new things, and am cautiously optimistic that the inspiration is returning. The first, I will show you here, is a simple wrap, using some hand dyed lace weight and matching dyed mohair. The lace weight has many more yards, so I knit 8 rows of it to every one of the mohair. You can see the fuzzy thick stripe entered every 2 inches or so.
I think I should get a good length out of the one skein of lace... You could do this pattern with any lace weight and any mohair or ribbon or other accent yarn.

I am also throwing in a row of dropped yarn overs to accent the lacey part between the mohair.

I have also swatched and tinkered with a new drapey cardigan from Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK (in teal) from my stash. I have 10 balls, so not sure if there is enough to do what is in my mind, but will plunge ahead and knit. I should see as I go along if the vision will become reality, or bail and convert to Plan B. No photos for now, as it is mostly in my head!

Crank up the air conditioning and pull out the alpaca! Winter will come again eventually!

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