Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spring Robins

I just got up, and was in my kitchen getting breakfast, when out of my window I saw a baby robin, hopping around on my deck. I paused to watch as he hopped up onto the arm, then head of my inukshuk statue. He rested there, exhausted by the activity and I thought he was so cute, I grabbed the camera. The photos are zoomed through my window. I did not dare step out to the deck. I did not want to scare him.

As I watched and zoomed, Mama appeared on the railing with a HUGE worm in her beak. She hopped down to the floor, then across to baby bird.

almost chocking on it (mama - I HATE worm! "eat your worm or you don't get any candy")

The arm on the inukshuk, made a perfect feeding perch, and you can see in the series of photos how the worm is passed from Mom to Baby. When she was sure it was completely swallowed, she took off, leaving the lad perched where he was, content until the next course of worm arrived.


PP said...

That is SO cute....timing's everything and you certainly caught this cutie moment!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I want an inukshuk in my garden too!