Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Knitting Doldrums

I find it difficult to be inspired by knitting this time of year, when the weather has turned so hot, so fast. The wonderful wool yarns in my stash no longer call to me, and cotton is not my favourite to knit, with the stretching more and more as the day goes on (and not in a figure-flatterning way) . It is hard to knit something that you can't use for 3 - 4 months!

I know the winds will return to my sails eventually. Maybe with the arrival of the early-fall Vogue Knitting issue, or the tent sale at the Knitting Emporium, or just the finding of a Noro colourway that I haven't knit yet. Whatever it is, I will be inspired and creative again. For now I am content to knit a huge, plain, brown blanket... happy with the mundane stitches on really big needles. And I know something crazy-creative will leap into my mind when the heat and humidity breaks.
The blanket is 2/3 finished, and I have no idea what to knit next yet.... so I don't want to race through it! I have plans for a quilt that can be started soon, check my sewing site next door-----)

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