Sunday, April 13, 2008

The finish line is in sight!

This has been the most labour intensive cardigan ever attempted by yours truly. I have really pushed it the last few days and if it were not for the cold, damp weekend (thus limited golf) I would not even be at this point. I have finished the pieces and have sewn them together and am now working the extra cable edging that is knitted separately and sewn on last. Meanwhile the sweater is damp and set on the drying screen, waiting for the last edge. I tried it on and it looks like a great fit, always a moment of nervous anticipation, even though the swatch was done and the measurements seem right....still there have been some near (and not so near ) misses on fits in the past, and you just hate to call the last 3 weeks a waste of time! But no, it fits and I will post a photo of the end result ON ME in a day or two, when the cable edge is attached. Notice the collar is not nearly as wide as the photo, but I checked the pattern many times and I swear they are missing a regular increase after the initial increases in the collar section. I would have reworked it with my own increases to look more like the photo in the magazine, but I kind of like the shawl collar as much or more than the cape collar, so I think I will keep it so.

I am enjoying the Masters on HD-TV and can't wait for my golf course to get that green and lush, and the weather to warm up enough for shorts.

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Anonymous said...

I like that sweater - look forward to seeing it on you.

Drive-by victim